Water Eject: Speaker Cleaner

Are iPhones waterproof or water-resistant?

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I wash my phone with soap regularly under the water; in the end, we touch it so often that there is a lot of bacteria on it. But, let’s clear up a misunderstanding: Are iPhones waterproof or water-resistant? Or both?

Waterproof means a device can handle water without any damage. But no smartphone can do that. iPhones are water-resistant, meaning they can handle some water but might get damaged if there’s too much or it’s for too long.

Here’s a breakdown of which iPhones can handle water:

It’s important to note that if your iPhone is damaged, such as with shattered glass, its water-resistant abilities may be compromised. In such cases, users need to be cautious around water to prevent further damage.

There are ways to remove water from iPhone speakers, learn more from our comprehensive guide about removing water from speakers.

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